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Female Leaders in Security and Defence Workshop

From 5 to 6 December 2018, the UN Women, Tbisili Ministry of Defence - the lead nation of the project female Leaders in Security and Defence (FLSD) within the South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) initiative held the workshop “Female Leaders in Security and Defence-National Implementation of UN Resolution 1325”. The workshop was held at the Defence Institutional Building School in Tbilisi. The event was the part of the 16-days international campaign against gender-based violence running every year from November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls to December 10th on the day of International Human Rights. 

The first Deputy Minister of Defence Ms. Lela Chikovani addressed the participants and spoke about the implementation of UN Security Council 1325 and the following Resolutions by the MOD Georgia.  In the welcome address the Head of the UN Women Representative Ms. Erika Kvapilova and the Chair of the Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament of Georgia Ms. Sopio Kiladze highlighted the importance of implementing international gender equality standards and mainstreaming for the better delivering on Women Peace and Security agenda.

During the first day of the workshop the participants discussed the topics regarding the Human Resources Policy, Capacity Development on gender mainstreaming and Gender Discrimination at workplace. On the second day the experts from the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations gave a presentation on Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

More information is available here.

28th IMIHO Meeting

Dear all,

The 10th IMIHO Users' Meeting took place on 13 Nov 18, hosted by the Military Medical Center and Public City Hospital, in Skopje. The Skopje State Secretaty, SEDM Director and representatives from Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest, Rome, Skopje and Sofia, along with a member from SEDM Secretariat participated in the event. The vision, ongoing and upcoming activities, as well as the functionality of the IMIHO portal were presented to the personnel. The IMIHO Chairman and the delegations had the opportunity to engage in conversation and witness the high professional level of the Hospitals' personnel during a tour of the hospital.

The 28th IMIHO Technical Working Group was conducted between 14-15 Nov 18. Prior to the Meeting, the participants visited the Balkan  Medical Force. During the TWG Meeting, the IMIHO Chairman elaborated on the significant progress and tangible outcomes achieved during the last months, as well as the planned way-ahead. A fruitful dialog produced several action items of common interest and benefits. Specific actions were decided, aiming at further enriching the IMIHO Portal, enhancing functions offered at no cost to users, including webinars and online training, documented in the Minutes.

The IMIHO Chairman and participants would like to thank Skopje  for hosting the event, the excellent hospitality and warm cordiality; special thanks to Lt.Col Elizabeta NAUMOVSKA PETRESKI for the exemplary organization of the event.

We hope that these multinational activities will bring the national health care communities closer, provide an online medium for information and expertise exchange, while conducting training, fostering scientific and academic collaboration among professionals of the Health Care Institutions, serving Military personnel.

Best regards,

LtCol Theodoros Valsamidis
IMIHO Chairman

2018 SEDM Ministerial Meeting

The South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) meeting was held in Belgrade on October 11, 2018.

Ministers and representatives from SEDM Nations, the SEEBRIG Commander and observers from NATO HQ, UN Office in Belgrade, UNDP/SEESAC, RACVIAC and RCC participated in the Meeting, chaired by H.E. Amb. Eleftherios ANGHELOPOULOS.

This event marks the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the MPFSEE Agreement and nations reiterated their commitment to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the SEDM Process through increased cooperation.

The meeting focused on promoting enduring-peace, stability and security in the region of Southeastern Europe (SEE), as well the achievements obtained within the SEDM process.

As the last meeting of the Athens SEDM Chairmanship, the nations expressed their appreciation to Athens, the SEDM-CC/ PMSC Chairman and the Secretariat for their efforts to coordinate fruitful meetings and activities, as well as extended their wishes for success to Tirana, being the Chair of SEDM-CC/ PMSC Secretariat during 2019-2021.

Finally, the nations expressed their appreciation to Belgrade for the tireless efforts in successfully preparing and conducting the annual SEDM Ministerial Meeting.

The full joint statement is available here.


40th PMSC - 39th SEDM-CC Meetings

The 40th PMSC and 39th SEDM-CC Meetings of the South East Europe Defence Ministerial Process, chaired by Athens, took place from 11 to 14 September 2018 in Athens.

Representatives from 16 SEDM Nations, the SEEBRIG Commander and an observer from RACVIAC participated in the Meetings, chaired by H.E. Amb. Eleftherios ANGHELOPOULOS.

The Meetings were conducted in friendly spirit and mutual understanding. Various programs and initiatives were discussed, aiming at fostering international collaboration and promoting enduring-peace, stability and security in the region.