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2020 DCHOD Video Teleconference Meeting

The Deputy Chief of Defence Meeting (DCHODs) 2020 meeting has been performed on 3rd June 2020, via video conference.

The Deputy Chiefs of Defence/General Staff and representatives from 14 SEDM member nations, SEEBRIG Commander and the Director of RACVIAC, attended the meeting, which was chaired by Deputy Minister of Defence Mr. Petro KOÇI, Chairman of the Albanian SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat.

The SEDM Chairman and the Deputy Chief of General Staff of Romania, Major General Vasile TOADER, as a host nation, kicked-off the DCHOD's meeting and delivered their welcoming opening remarks to the participants.

The purpose of this annual meeting is to foster constructive regional political-military cooperation in Southeast Europe (SEE), in order to further strengthen peace, stability, trust, prosperity and security in the region.

The Deputy Chiefs of Defence/ General Staff welcomed the achievements of the SEEBRIG Brigade and acknowledged the contribution of this Brigade to regional security and stability, becoming a unique platform for cooperation and mutual training.

The representatives reiterated their commitment to further strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of this initiative through increased co-operation between member nations.

The Deputy Chiefs of Defence/ General Staff stressed that the SEDM initiative has strengthened relations between the countries and has contributed to their efforts for a common European and Euro-Atlantic future.

Finally, the participants expressed their appreciation to the SEDM Secretariat and Bucharest for their efforts in successfully preparing and conducting the annual DCHODs Meeting and to the SEDM Portal Technical Working for the excellent support given in order to perform the DCHODs Meeting through video-conference.

The Joint statement is available by clicking here.

2019 DCHOD Meeting in Skopje


The Deputies Chiefs of Defence from SEDM Nations and SEEBRIG, as well as representatives from NATO, RACVIAC and UNDP convened in Skopje, on 12 June 2019 to foster military cooperation in South Eastern Europe .

The participants reaffirmed their dedication to support SEDM activities that aim to further strengthen stability, security and prosperity in the region. They also expressed their appreciation to Athens Chairmanship for the efforts to coordinate many fruitful activities and extended their wishes for success to the upcoming Tirana Chairmanship.

During the Meeting, the 6th Additional Protocol of the MPFSEE Agreement was sighed. 

A Joint statement is available by clicking here.