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Former SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman, Mr. Valeriu Nicuț, passed away

It is our duty to inform you that the former SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman of Romanian presidency, Mr. Valeriu Nicuț, passed away. 
General (ret) Nicuț assumed the chairmanship of SEDM-CC/PMSC in March 2014, when he was appointed State secretary for defence policy within the ROU Ministry of National Defence.
The SEDM Chairmanship, as well as all members of our community who had the honor to work and collaborate with Mr. Nicuț, would like to offer condolences to his family.
He is fondly remembered as a man who always offered a word of encouragement word, as well as being prepared with a backup plan.

May Valeriu rest in peace.

A short CV follows:
General (ret) Valeriu Nicuț, who has died aged 63, served with Romanian Ministry of National Defence.
After graduating the Mountain Infantry Officer School in 1977, he was appointed Recconnaissance Platoon Commander and for the next 14 years he accomplished various positions within the 4th Mountain Infantry Bde. In 1992 he graduated the Command and Stsff College, and then he assumed a number of positions within the General Staff of Romanian Army. 

In 1999 he started to share his operational experience as associate professor within National Defence University, reaching the position of Commandant of Regional PfP Training Centre ROU-UK, in Bucharest.  During 2001-2004 he was the head of Partnership branch within the Multinational Cooperation Division in SHAPE, Mons, Belgium, from where he supported the accomplishment of technical criteria for Romania to join the North-Atlantic Alliance. Romania joined NATO, indeed, in 2004, and Valeriu was promoted to Brigadier General, assuming the position of J5 Strategic Planning Directorate head. 

In 2006 he returned to SHAPE as the representative of ROU General Staff, and after a three years tour he assumed various positions in the General Staff culminating with the one of DCHOD, in 2013, when he earned the 4th star and retired from active duty. It was only three months later when he was offered the position of State Secretary for defence policy, also assuming the honor of SEDM-CC/PMSC until the end of ROU mandate (2013-2015). In 2016 he chose to withdraw from the politic life and to dedicate all his time to his wife Ionela and his son, Alexandru. Unfortunatelly, in the summer of 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away on December 5th, being burried two days later in the Military Cemetery Ghencea, Bucharest. 

Gen Nicuț was greatly respected and beloved by all who served with him. He had an inherent sense of comradery that allowed his trustees to take initiatives and grant the successes. He greatly supported the younger personnel, strongly believing that confidence is the key to further professional enlightment. He will be never forgotten by his peers and subordinates.