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SEEBRIG Triple Ceremony

On 26 August 2020, SEEBRIG HQ supported by Host Nation, North Macedonia, organized a triple ceremony in order to celebrate the activation of SEEBRIG, HO-TO of the Command and the 21 Anniversary of SEEBRIG in Kumanovo.

The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, H.E. Mr. Stevo PENDAROVSKI, the Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Oliver SPAVOSKI, the Defense Minister Madame Radmila ŠEKERINSKA, SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairperson/Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Albania, H.E. Mr. Petro KOÇI, the Chief of General Staff of North Macedonia, Lieutenant General Vasko GJURCHINOVSKI, Deputy Ministers of Defense and Deputy Chiefs of Defense from MPFSEE Nations, Ambassadors and Defense Attachés accredited in North Macedonia, local authorities’ representatives, SEEBRIG HQ personnel and their families where present at the event.

Host Nation Representative, Defense Minister Madame Radmila ŠEKERINSKA, SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairperson H.E. Mr. Petro KOÇI, the current COMSEEBRIG Brigadier General Tudorica PETRACHE and the new COMSEEBRIG Brigadier General Aristeidis ILIOPOULOS delivered their speeches underlining the importance of the moment.

On this occasion, the SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman expressed his gratitude to Greece for the strong support given by the Greek civilian and military authorities to SEEBRIG HQ since 2011, which contributed greatly to the success of SEEBRIG achievements. In the same time, he conveyed his deep appreciation for the outstanding efforts made by the Republic of North Macedonia in hosting SEEBRIG Headquarters in Kumanovo, which will be the “home” of the Command of SEEBRIG for the next 6 years.

SEDM-CC/PMSC Chairman noted that after 21 years of existence SEEBRIG is a successful story, as since its establishment, proved to be an effective and important tool for promoting regional security, stability, cooperation and fostering good neighborly relations among countries in the region.

He expressed deepest appreciation to COMSEEBRIG, Brigadier General Tudorica PETRACHE and his team for their tireless efforts to provide the most qualified and professional standards of all their activities and for their outstanding work to further ensure the success story of SEEBRIG. He also expressed his confidence that the new COMSEEBRIG, Brigadier General Aristeidis ILIOPOULOS and his staff will also continue the efforts to reach great achievements and wished him success in the future for SEEBRIG activities.

During the ceremony, the Commander of SEEBRIG, Brigadier General Tudorica PETRACHE was awarded by the Chairman of SEDM-CC/PMSC H.E. Mr. Petro KOÇI, with “SEEBRIG Accomplishment Medal” for his outstanding performance during his Tour of Duty.

In accordance with MPFSEE Agreement, SEEBRIG was established and activated by seven participating Nations, on 31st of August 1999 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1999-2003) and was then hosted in Constanta, Romania (2003-2007), later in Istanbul, Turkey (2007-2011) and afterwards in Tyrnavos Larissa, Greece (2011-2020) and now is currently located in Kumanovo, North Macedonia (2020-2026).