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2021 DCHODs Meeting

The SEDM Deputy Chief of Defence/General Staff Meeting (DCHODs) 2021 Meeting has been performed on 10 June 2021, via Video-Teleconference.

The Deputy Chiefs of Defence/General Staff and Representatives from 14 SEDM member nations, SEEBRIG's Commander, the Director of RACVIAC and UNDP SEESAC Policy Expert attended the meeting, chaired by H.E. Mr.
Petro KOÇI, Chairman of the SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat/Deputy Minister of Defense.

The SEDM Chairman and Co-Chair, Deputy Chief of General Staff of Croatia, Lieutenant General Siniša JURKOVIĆ, as the Host Nation, opened the annual SEDM DCHOD's Meeting and delivered their welcoming remarks to the participants.

The purpose of this Meeting is to foster constructive regional political-military cooperation in Southeast Europe (SEE), in order to further strengthen peace, stability, trust, prosperity and security in the region.

The Deputy Chiefs of Defence/ General Staff stated that the SEDM Initiative has strengthened the relations between our nations and has contributed to their efforts towards a common Euro-Atlantic future. They welcomed the achievements of SEEBRIG Brigade and acknowledged the contribution of the Brigade to the regional peace, security and stability. They reiterated that all achievements and the outstanding results reached in all these years, present an imperative for us to make all necessary efforts, in order to continue on further strengthening our regional defense cooperation through increased cooperation between member nations.

Being the last SEDM Meeting under the Albanian Chairmanship, the SEDM Chairman expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all SEDM member Nations for their contribution to the SEDM Process and took the opportunity to extend best wishes to Sofia for a successful Chairmanship of the SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat in the next mandate.

At the end, the participants expressed their appreciation to Host Nation and SEDM Secretariat for their efforts in successfully preparing and conducting the annual DCHODs Meeting through Video-Teleconference.

The Joint statement is available by clicking here.