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2020 SEDM Ministerial Meeting

The South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) meeting has been performed on 14th October 2020, via Video Teleconference, using the SEDM Portal.

Deputy Ministers of Defence/representatives from 13 SEDM Nations, SEEBRIG Commander and representatives from RACVIAC, RCC and UNDP SEESAC participated in the Meeting, which was chaired by Deputy Minister of Defence of Albania/Chairman of SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat, H.E. Mr. Petro KOÇI and Deputy Minister of National Defense of Greece H.E. Mr. Alkiviadis STEFANIS.

The SEDM Chairman H.E. Mr. Petro KOÇI and H.E. Mr. Alkiviadis STEFANIS opened the Meeting and delivered their speeches underlining the importance of the moment.

In the beginning, SEDM Chairman addressed the impact and the challenges posed by COVID-19 virus as a global health crisis and expressed that our thoughts are with the loved ones of the victims, and with all those who suffers from the pandemic.

SEDM Chairman gave a rundown on the latest developments on SEDM-CC Projects and PMSC activities since the last SEDM Ministerial Meeting highlighting the achievements obtained within the SEDM process under the Albanian Chairmanship. 

COMSEEBRIG, Brigadier General Aristeidis ILIOPOULOS, gave an update on SEEBRIG’s activities since the last SEDM Ministerial meeting and presented the documents to be approved by Deputy Ministers of Defence of MPFSEE Nations.

Deputy Ministers of Defence and representatives from SEDM Nations welcomed the achievements of SEEBRIG Brigade and acknowledged the contribution of this Brigade as important tool for promoting regional security, stability, cooperation and fostering good neighborly relations among countries in the region.

SEDM nation’s representatives expressed their views on the future of SEDM Initiative and underlined that SEDM Initiative has strengthened the relations between the countries and has contributed to their efforts for a common European and Euro-Atlantic future.

The representatives reiterated their commitment to further strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of this initiative through increased co-operation between member nations and through specific projects within this initiative.

At the end, the Deputy Ministers of Defence/representatives approved the “Joint Statement” of the Ministers of Defense of the SEDM member nations.

Finally, the nations expressed their appreciation to Athens and SEDM Portal Technical Working and to the SEDM Secretariat for the tireless efforts in successfully preparing and conducting the annual SEDM Ministerial Meeting via Video Teleconference.

The full joint statement is available here.