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Farewell Message from SEDM Chairman


As we complete today our two years term of the SEDM Albanian Chairmanship, as the Chairman of the SEDM-CC/PMSC Secretariat, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your excellent cooperation, support and contribution to the fulfillment of the goals of our Ιnitiative.

Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, in these two years, we had the possibility to meet physically in Tirana, in just one SEDM-CC/PMSC Meeting, in September 2019.

It was a very challenging time for all of us, but together we have been able to continue our cooperation, despite these difficult circumstances and we empowered our nations to work closer and remain unified in our purpose.

With our work we have managed to accomplish our mission and promote the activities, vision and ideas of the SEDM Process. Our common efforts were based on the fundamental principles of the SEDM Process and I would like to underline that through the SEDM Process we have achieved a lot during all these years by working together, honoring our commitments and further strengthening the political-military cooperation in our region.

In the capacity of SEDM Chairman, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to COMSEEBRIG, Brigadier General Aristeidis ILIOPOULOS and SEEBRIG HQ staff for their tireless and excellent work done to enhance the effectiveness of SEEBRIG HQ, as the most important element of the SEDM Initiative to actively contribute to peace, security, stability and cooperation in SEE.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the SEDM Agreement, which started in Tirana in 1996 and this is both a milestone and a moment to increase our efforts to promote its goals.

Looking back, there is no doubt that SEDM and SEEBRIG are a successful story and all achievements and the outstanding results reached in all these years, present an imperative for us to make all necessary efforts, in order to continue on further strengthening our regional defense cooperation.

I would like to highlight that the achievements during all these years derives by working together and by staying united, “as our unity is our strength”, confirming the words of our National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Scanderbeg "Power through Unity", as the motto of the Albanian Chairmanship.
Whatever challenges we face, we are stronger together. In uncertain times we need stronger bonds, to defend our values, promote our interests and keep our nations safe and free.

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude as well as to the international and regional organizations NATO IS, RACVIAC, UNDP SEESAC, HLPG OSCE and RCC engaged in the SEDM Process for their valuable input, continued support and active collaboration.

I present our best wishes to the incoming SEDM Bulgarian Chairmanship for success in all their endeavors to the benefit of the member states of SEDM and our region.

I look forward to meeting you in Kumanovo during the official HO-TO SEDM Chairmanship and I wish you all to stay healthy and safe.

Mr. Petro KOÇI
SEDM Chairman
SEDM Albanian Chairmanship